Friday, May 15, 2009

socks and such

The Bad

Went from fulltime to casual hours at work... all because they keep hiring too many "management positions" and then having to cut the rest of us down with no warning.
So im making next to no money from working.
So that makes me a bit angry.

My internet is funked. i dont know whats going on with mozilla but its annoying me. If my igoogle gadgets completely load it'll crash the internet.. if i send an email it instantly closes. Same as a msg in facebook. If i have more than one tab open..

no money for drinks at vortex =[

My hair is all uneven and needs a cut so badly.. Good news though, the pink is holding strong. =]

The Good

Going to the vortex tomorrow night (the sad: Dez prolly wont come cuz our babysitter had to cancel, but he may be hanging with chris at our place? still waiting on confirmation) So it'll just be me and brady and Nin + her sister maybe. Apparently only clean un marking shoes can be worn on the dance floor. (super clean no sand/rocks nothing) So sock dancing may be required. we'll see how well I can clean my boots.

I have an interview at Ardenes in centre mall tomorrow morning before work. Hope I can get full time hours there if im hired.

I love my psp. Its awesome. The games rock. So far we have Crisis core final fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 1 psp version, some war game for dez and ratchet and clank game. We wanna buy worms open warfare cuz it look awesome but we have to wait till we have spending cash again.
We also bought a hacked battery online with our new prepaid mastercard :P (the debit like ones that can go online from moneymart) so we will be abel to add a snes emulator plus more... hehe more final fantasy and mario! hehehehe

Random Thoughts

>I really want to get new body jewelery, maybe a stud again for my nose, a ball for my lip and some sort of new eyebrow ring. I need a change.

>man next month im going to be 21... its weird to think about. Last year i was freaking cuz i was turning 20, and that bugged me/overjoyed me more than turning 21, oh well. life goes on

>i need a new mouse for my comp too.. hmm...

> Doms been cute lately, horrible temper... but still cute. He loves playing outside. and he is getting better with staying close to us outside.

> Tysene and my mom have been in the back of my mind, ive been stuck in a rut trying to understand death, and i kno you really cant, especially without faith, so its just an annoying loop. I wish neither of them had to pass on, I miss them both very much.
Ive been getting more memories from my childhood (i had blocked most of my happy times out when my mom passed, wasnt ready to handle all of the mommy and me times i guess) and sometime they flood in and i cant stand it, its like the most intense pain is inside me and not physical but so painful and i just need to scream and cry and fall to the ground and never get up. and lucky for me they happen at the most convenient times, like at work... but ive been learning to handle them. Im also starting to enjoy some of the memories, they still hurt but i can smile sometimes now with the recurring ones.

>im sleepy... and its only 10 pm... I suck..