Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not much new lately
So dez and I have our 3 year coming up on halloween

Im excited to go to TUG on halloween
i wish dez and I would have had a few bucks, oh well, as long as we can get in TUG im happy

stressing about making rent, dez was so sick he had to miss so many days so we are so cutting it close to making it. well sorta

and then the added stress of my mind allowing myself to think (liek actually think) about my mom and who she was, and its stressing me so much. Im glad I now get 2 days off.

work is going okay.. got in trouble for being sick today so I have to go get a doctors note tomorrow.. blah

had a older lady at work tell me she hates me (older Asian angry woman, lacking english) lol

apparently i take her vacuum everyday (1. vacuums are not assigned, 2. i just grab one, i dont actually look) and she was like
"you do this everyday,every day"

so i asked what the difference was cuz i didnt really see much besides the cords,
and she replies with " i hate you" and mumbled something about stealing :S

so i was in a bad mood so i replied with "fine for that comment im just going to take it every morning." and left.

i just ouldnt handle that for some reason, i just snapped.
oh well

I get to go look at dresses soon :D im excited

i still really want a wicked wicked vacation, but i really want a fun wedding too, still a cheap wedding, but i dunno, i have a short amount of time left.

not sure what else to say
im off for now

random picture of the day :click it for full:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

new header means I need a new post

So my fancy new header, it was my old favorite one and it used to say "Angels heavenly hell" also I added my newest quote to the bottom of my blog <3
It was time for a new header, Im sick of the standards society seems to have set on me, but im going to try my hardest to push through and be myself,
if im balancing both well then there is nothing wrong with me or my parenting.

I can still be gothic/slutty and go clubbing once a week or 2ce (within reason cuz I love dezzy :P <3) but I can do that, as long as Dominic is happy and growing and put first, I can go clubbing and still be 21

I still have to find the balance, so I may screw up fine w/e it wont last forever Im working on this, this is my new goal.
I want to be 21

Dez isnt really into the same scene I am, he likes to go once in a while but he likes staying home so sometimes he can stay home after dom is asleep and play on his comp, and i can go out, or we can get a babysitter and we can both go out, together or separate.
either way

and maybe I can get back with some ppl I used to know and get some friends, or at least someone to chat too on msn every once in a while :P


I just dont want to look back and think how much i hated how i stayed home and didnt "have fun"

I dont want to regret throwing away my life cuz I locked myself in my head and home.

Done for now

Thursday, October 1, 2009

tattoo post

I want a tattoo... :(

okay so the gir ones mi not sure which one to pick prolly the one with the half robot

the corsets i think I would rather on the inside of my arms

the cluttered stars I want, but not sure where too many ideas

the platypus is a little too evil but i like the design and colors

the little angel guy is awesome, i love him

the nymph on the mushroom is sweet, ive loved it for a few years now

the angel wings I want <3

and the moogle/mog from the original final fantasy's
(i also want the 8 bit characters too :P)

but currently the only pictures i have, and i got lazy to post more lol maybe later