Sunday, April 12, 2009


So im going try and make a dj list for the underground on the 18th. I usually hate making lists cuz one im lazy and two I like playing off the ppl and the mood i feel when im djing, but maybe I will try.

I'll attempt my list tomorrow hopefully. I'll update.

Any suggestions?

(music that can be played : gothic rock, darkwave, industrial, 80s rock


Friday, April 10, 2009


arg. stupid job.

Didnt get paid today, even tho they told me the cut off dates are sat (i had started working before last sat) and they cant find my paycheck so they gave up (after not calling me back for 4 hours) and said it will be added to my next paycheck. sob..

honestly, i clearly dont need the money, so therefore they dont care. bills have to be paid, food has to be bought. but what do they care, they are just un-intelligent humans that when they dont know what to do they just give up or push it further away and stop caring.

I just want to work with ppl who are intelligent.
im sick of this.

in wanna punch something..

I hate living in today's society. Everything is created to make life easier. and so brings on ppl who are lazy and dont care.
and i will gladly admit i am also one of the lazy ones, very much so, but I dont push things to the side when i dont like the outcome, or if i dont know what to do. I figure things out. I try to help ppl whens there is a problem. but most ppl just sweep it under the rug.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

body pain

tiredness. my legs and arms are soe, but i think im doing ok. still havent learned till so I feel useless a lot, but ive been helping in the fitting rooms. I actually gave a good fashion idea to a little girl an dher mom.

the little girl was just pre teen amd i think her mom was tryign to help her be cool cuz she was a bit bigger and all that. The mom didnt want any low cut tops or with holes near the top. SO i helped her find some, and we got a nice tank top and the length was long (as they all are nowadays) and I suggested she scrunch it up at the bottom and it really did help to hide her tummy bump, the mom even aproved.
i felt useful, lol
I also helped some parents find some skull-less tshirts.. paernts aer funny when they buy kids clothing.

so yea pain, still not "loving" the job, but i think i may need time to understand everything.

taknig the bus isnt too bad, still a bit cold while waiting for the ide home. But its only a 10 min bus ride. Really short and simple.

im excited to have 2 days off though. my body hurts.

Friday, April 3, 2009

First day

First day at stitches. I loved the ppl who work with me, they are all awesome. So far hate the job. Its so easy that it is annoying and diffucult to find more thigns to do when the store is near empty. When everythgn is clean all ppl are being helped. There isnt much left to do but stand there, but then you get in trouble, so most the gils just randomly make messes with the pants (accidently knock over pile etc) so they have somethign to do.

I hope once i learn till it will be better i hate floor work.. lol

second day tomrorow.

PS thinking it still may be worth it for the discount ^_-

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Adventures

So I start work tomorrow. yay! lol. Im excited and scared, i hope the job and staff dont suck, the shift leader is awesome tho.
I ended up getting a bus pass, cuz its only like a 10 min ride plus I wont have to pay for parking. and we are broke so we wouldn't be able to afford the gas.cuz SGI is a horrible company ><
yes... they keep fucking up on our auto pays. a couple months ago they took out 3 payments in one month (differ dates too) and they did it again, but only a double and im annoyed that was gonna buy me lunches for when I work. but it'll take a week or so to be re-paid. Stupid sgi...

Bradys moved in, ymore yays, but i think dez and i need to learn to open up some more, we stay locked up in our rooms at night and we don adventure down to the main floor often. lol Once we get used to it we may see her more often.

So yea back to work, i get a 20% discount there suzy shier, urban planet, mariposa, sirens... lol its pretty sweet.

i downloaded The legend of dragoon for ps1 and im playing it currently ^^

what else...

oh yea we have an awesome new chair in the living room and a new coffee table/end table. They are pretty nice, wood with glass tops.


"Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye Aww he's being eaten by a shark." - Gir "Invader Zim"