Sunday, February 7, 2010

legend of dragoon

so I stopped ff7 for now cuz Im at the temple of the ancients, and I hate that part, plus I died, so I gave up. Im now playing legend of dragoon, im hoping I can get far because I have never gotten that far into that game but always wanted to.

so im watching erin brockovich, and it totally reminded me, when i was little, julia roberts was my fav person, I loved her movies, i love them all.

And I remember thinking how i wanted to be an actress, i think she may have been my hero, but i dont know.


so i think i want my black hair again, im thinking the black purple, i like the red and browns, but i'll redo it when its long again, long brown hair is awesome i thinks

not much new on the agenda, dont think dez got the job at home depot
which is silly :(

but he is pushng himself hard to go to work... I wish i could get a job, then again so do a lot of people in the city.

so ive been thinking to myself lately, and recently outloud to a few, but i really want to get a mom relationship with Randeah, I truly want (and have always wanted a mother in law who is like a 2nd mom to me)
im hoping we can have that kind of connection, i dont know, i suck with connecting with people, but im hoping to get better ive been looking at books at the library and online so hopefully one day I will be as outgoing and friendly and loud like i used to be.

but thats the blurb for now


Ninette said...

*HUGS* that is all.

Ninette said...

holy SPAM batman...... *eyeroll*

Lucille Hope said...

yea I know lol only the 2nd time though